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Title: Trick or Treat on your Feet
Description: Participants in costume will race to "Spooky" stops throughout the run and either receive a Trick (Fitness Exercise) or Treat (Candy).

Race Day registration opens at 11:30am, with the age group races taking place between 12:10pm-12:25pm. For more information call (440) 984-3470 Ext. 226.

Facility: Amherst HealthPlex: SPECIAL USE
Program Date:
Time: 12:00 pm - 12:30 pm
Age Range: Children and an Adult Toddler Preschool
Maximum # of people: N/A
Openings: N/A
Supervisor: Ryan Ladd
Contact Supervisor: (440) 984-3470
Program Topic: Recreation
Registration: Registration requested, walk-ins welcome
Registration Closes: 10/18/18
Price: Enter the number of people to be registered in the box and then click Register

Non-Members - $2.00
Memberse - $0.00

For offline registrations or further information
please call (440) 458-5121, unless another number
is given in the program description.